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Ending Abortion Is Possible by Ending Pro-life Policies

By: Randy Brogdon

Since 1973 after the Supreme Court opinion Roe v Wade declared that abortion of an unborn baby was a privacy issue (based on Griswold), billions of dollars have been spent promoting the pro-choice industry.

For 45 years now, the abortion issue was fought between Pro-Life and Pro-choice advocates. Pro-choice believers want unfettered access to abortion. The reason to abort their baby is irrelevant and no one else’s business. It is their choice, it is their body and no one should stand in their way to remove an unwanted blob of tissue, or so the narrative goes.

Pro-lifers take great exception to that kind of perverse thinking. So over the last 45 years the pro-life leaders have attempted to put many legislative roadblocks in place to slow down abortion. For example, as a former State Senator, I wrote legislation that required an ultrasound be performed before a mom could “abort” her baby. I thought I was authoring legislation to help end abortion.

A few months ago, I came to the realization that since my bill passed, over 50,000 babies have been aborted in Oklahoma. My bill had done virtually nothing to end abortion. In fact, I’m not convinced any babies were saved and to say they were is actually a logical fallacy (argumentum ad ignorantiam). Had I written my bill to say, an ultrasound must be given before a mom could “murder” her baby, upon reflection, I’m am quite sure I would have never written it because murder sounds so much worse than abortion.

I along with millions of other staunch pro-lifers became accustomed to thousands of babies being aborted year after year. This has actually become quite demoralizing. We are told to just wait because we are just one Supreme Court justice away, or we need to get GOP control of Congress and the White House. Last I checked, the GOP has both (and has had both before) and the murder of children is still ongoing.

In fact, the pro-choice community has been so successful at changing the paradigm, abortion has become an accepted health care choice and a right we have learned to live with. I had to personally confront the chilling fact that my bill allowed for the continuation of a modern day holocaust of baby sacrifice. That confrontation hit me like a ton of bricks when I awoke to the fact that abortion is murder. Murder may sound much worse than abortion, but they both produce the same results: Dead babies!

Go back and read the first few paragraphs again and replace the term abortion with murder. I pray that you are cold-cocked with the same reality as I was; we have not done anything to “stop” the murder of the unborn. Sixty million dead babies since 1973 and the Pro-Life movement continues to try and slow down abortion rather than end the “murder” of unborn babies. Yet, we pat ourselves on our backs and laud the pro-life “victories.”

My words are stinging to me even as I write them. I was a pro-lifer. To this day, I cannot figure out how I was so blinded to the harsh reality that being “pro-life” does not really mean ending abortion. I always hoped in some abstract, far away time, that abortion would end. But Pro-life is a term that has become synonymous with abortion ”regulation.” If this truth makes you angry, I hope it leads you to the righteous path I have been on for the last several months, trying to abolish the murder of the unborn.

I am not suggesting that the pro-life movement is comprised of malicious people wanting to keep the ongoing holocaust. I am suggesting that the pro-life movement has been mostly ineffective in its stated goal of stopping the murder of the unborn. Pardon my skepticism, but my intellect forces me to ask isn’t there a better way to end abortion?

The battle is no longer between being pro-choice and pro-life, it is between pro-life and Abolition. The pro-life industry has become one of the most ardent detractors of the Abolitionist movement. Case in point, State legislatures around the country have passed dozens and dozens of pro-life bills over the last 45 years that only regulate abortion. For example, legislation that requires an ultrasound to be given, or limiting certain medical instruments from being used, or requiring a doctor to have hospital privileges before murdering an unborn baby are all pro-life sponsored bills.

To my knowledge, no pro-life organizations have offered or supported legislation criminalizing abortion as murder. No, they seem blissfully content sending out fundraising letters to keep the status quo. All the while we wait on the Supreme Court to overturn their own decision they made 45 years ago. Keep in mind the court decision has no effect of law, yet we hear politicians, pro-choice lawyers and even pro-lifers refer to it as “the law of the land.” We have been duped!

Abolitionists on the other hand have only one goal in mind and that is to abolish the “legal” murder of unborn babies. I along with many other pro-lifers have been recently confronted with a stark reality. That is, to continue the incremental pro-life strategy, or adopt the immediate abolition of abortion. When confronted with this new reality, I had to choose one of two paths. I could have become indignant and offended by the truth, and pridefully hung on to my long held beliefs. Instead, I chose what I believe to be a better approach which is consistent with God’s Word.

Knowing that God abhors the slaughter of innocent babies, I lowered my defensive pride and turned away from the ineffective approach to abortion that I’ve supported for the last 45 years. Thank God the scales fell off my eyes and I was no longer blinded to the lie that we have to continue baby sacrifice in Oklahoma. The path I took is that of an Abolitionist.

To define the difference one has to look at their agenda. Pro-Life regulates and keeps abortion legal, whereas Abolition criminalizes murder of the unborn and immediately abolishes “legal” murder of children. Once I understood this harsh truth it was a simple decision for me to make.

In all fifty states, murder is a criminal act and is severely punished. There is one exception; murder of the unborn is legal. Upon reflecting how that could be possible, I came to the conclusion that our system of government is so broken, it allows for the unnatural protection of cold-blooded murder.

Let me explain, by sharing the principles of our founding document the Declaration of Independence. It states that we are all equal and have been given the right of life and liberty by God. It goes on to say that government was formed to secure our God given rights. God states in Romans 13 that rulers (government) are the protector of good and the punishers of evil. So, God said it, and the Founding Fathers built a system of government around it.

So how did our system of government become so broken where now it punishes good and protects evil? The answer is obvious, evil men left to their own accord will do evil. Men have always pushed the limits and moved the boundaries to suit their wants instead of living in obedience to God.

The most notable abuse of power which has caused almost fatal destruction of our Life and Liberty is the Federal government lording over the States. The companion to that is the States willingness to shirk their responsibility in exchange for Federal money. This is a sick kind of quid-pro-quo and putting the label “conservative” on to a Representative, a Senator or Governor does not make it right.

The Constitution lists the narrowly defined powers delegated by the people of the States to the Federal government in Article 1 Section 8 and a few other places in the document. The powers of the States are described as numerous and undefined. Our system is designed so that the government closest to the people is the main protector of our rights.

The State leaders are to resist and oppose any law that is contrary to protecting the Life, Liberty, and Property within their jurisdiction, and are duty bound to resist any law made by a higher power that violates the States jurisdiction.

The previous paragraph holds the key to proper government and lays out the path how to end the murder of the unborn in Oklahoma.

The process is simple, but the battle to protect life will be extreme. It will take the resolve of Christians, pastors and other moral people around the State to give up their old way of incremental thinking and support a Governor eager to lead the fight to criminalize murder of the unborn.

It will take bold and courageous leaders in the legislature to protect the Sovereignty of the people they represent. They must be willing to engage in the battle to stop “legal” murder rather than support organizations that prefer to regulate abortion instead of ending it. They must use their authority derived from the consent of the governed to rightly defy unconstitutional court opinions and be ready to fight their abuse.

Randy Brogdon is a former member of the Oklahoma State Senate and was a candidate for Governor and U.S. Senate.

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