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Letters to Editor for Fall 2019

Constitution Staff

False World End Predictions

It seems like the loud, false, and ignorant claims emanating from those deeply rooted in the C/F/S political philosophy have no real clue concerning the “climate change” causing the end of the world being brought about by the efforts of mankind. If the truth be known, it is probably the height of arrogance for anyone in the human race to believe that we have that much power that, especially through carelessness, ignorance, or even deliberate misconduct, completely destroy this rather exceedingly well put together planet. Those of us who have a solid belief in a creator GOD properly have comfort that HIS power is sufficient to overcome our occasional stupidity.

In the meantime, there is a continuing and overwhelming parade of misrepresentation and outright lies being spued forth by the “end of the World” evil intent mob whose real intent is to come into total and complete power over the entire World in a brutal, depraved C/F/S dictatorship. A complete list of wrongful statements and prognosticating notions would likely require a rather sizeable book, so space and time does not allow for such here.

One of the most gregarious of those claims is that carbon dioxide is a “hothouse gas” and must be removed from the atmosphere, at all costs. Well, facts given to those in my classes in school seem to totally refute the claim, and actually, if removal were accomplished, bring about the removal of ALL life on the planet. We were taught, and shown by properly designed experiments, that all animal life, including humans, MUST have oxygen to exist and that most, if not all, plant life must have carbon dioxide. The plants take in the CO2 and exude oxygen in a marvelous circle of life-giving gases.

Also, water is H2O so there could be a source of O2 for the animal life, but to break it out of the water would take massive amounts of energy, more than the so-called “renewable” sources of wind and solar could ever provide. Yet these misguided types, such as the “squad” would have us forgo ALL so-called “fossil fuels” in the false name of “clean air.” No explanation has been forthcoming as to how one would get across the seas without fossil fuels, particularly in the several hour trip in an airplane verses months in a sail powered one, such as the pilgrims did in 1620 and continued until the invention of steam power, from oil, gas, or atomic fuel. One such completely off-base individual suggested “take a train to Hawaii.” That would involve a rather massive tunnel construction and maintenance use of liquid fuel, not to mention the power for such trains. It would make the cross-channel “chunnel” project appear to be a mere toy in comparison.

True history is full of massive variations in the climate, both localized and World-wide. In my memory is the “dust-bowl” days of the 1930s where we, not having air conditioning in homes, were forced to set up cots and sleep in the back yard during the Summer. Then in the Winter the lakes and ponds in the parks of Tulsa would freeze over a few years later for ice skating, as well as on streets after an ice, freezing rain, or snow/melt cycle for as long as at least a week. In fact, in later years our Grand Lake was so frozen over that an adventuress individual actually drove his car across it from one “road” to the other, where before the lake flooded there had been a road down to a ford across the Grand River.

Another, and rather expensive, pontificating from the government was the declaration that Freon, for auto air conditioning was “destroying the Ozone layer” which resides at an altitude almost out of the atmosphere top. Knowing that Freon is heavier than air it has mystified me that no one has ever advanced a logical reason how the Freon was able to get up to the OL to do damage. More evidence of the arrogant attitude of both politicians and bureaucrats spending our money, just to be doing it, and “because it is there.” Also, the adverse actions of the “open border” and “naturalize everyone” disaster bringers will certainly aggravate the situation. That movement is merely to guarantee that they will become a permanent cruel ruling class!!

If we “common sense” thinking part of the population do not get active to require some changes and vote into retirement those on the wrong side, it will be a speedy road into slavery and/or early death.

Robert W. McDowell, Jr.

Broken Arrow, OK

Moving Native American Day

The World Columbian Exposition or Chicago World’s Fair, which opened in 1893, was designated to commemorate Columbus’s discovery of the New World 400 years earlier. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt designated Columbus Day on the 12th of October as a national holiday in 1934. Since 1971, Columbus Day has been a federal holiday designated to be observed the second Monday in October.

On the 3rd of August in 1990, President George H.W. Bush declared the month of November as National American Indian Heritage month, thereafter commonly referred to as Native American Heritage Month.

Prior to the last session of the Oklahoma Legislature, Oklahoma’s Native American Day was the 3rd Monday of November. Please ask you’re your state Representative and Senator why it was necessary to move Oklahoma’s Native American Day to the same date as Columbus Day in October.

J.T. Whatley

Duncan, OK

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